Microsoft, Nike, and Hyundai are Set to Step Into Metaverse

Companies are experimenting with the virtual economy as Facebook reemerges as Meta

Last week in October 2021, Facebook revealed its expectations on Metaverse. And after that, many big companies started moving to the metaverse.

• Nike has filed seven applications for the sale of its products

• Hyundai dropped a finger on its production when it started the Sonata

Microsoft intends to provide ‘metaverse’ handling to the Team by installing 3D workstations and avatars.

Nike announced seven new products last October. It reflects the company’s interest in selected businesses. Based on information from the US Patent and Commerce Office, Nike filed a series of applications for ‘commercial products’ on October 27 and filed two applications for ‘Jumpman’ and ‘Air Jordan’ on October 28th. The number of award requests was seven.

One on the Hyundai list. The car company is affiliated with Zepeto, a metaverse service run by Naver Z and a friend of Naver. With this release, Zepeto users can now try out the new Sonata N Line almost.

Microsoft comes with an excellent work environment with its 3D Avatar and integrated design components. According to Verge author, Microsoft will open avatars with the help of AI and voice creation.

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