Minna Technologies eyes UK expansion with new hub in London

Swedish research management company Minna Technologies, which aims to help bankers demonstrate solid knowledge. The company recently announced its headquarters in London.

New hub in London

The announcement follows a recent partnership between Minna Technologies and London’s fintech Bud. Earlier this year, the company received $ 14 million in Category B, sponsored by UK Element Ventures and Visa.

Outside central London, Minna has also led operations and changes, including the appointment of Mike Davies and his top executives as CEO of Go Cardless, PayPal, VeriSign, and Visa, and Steve Hoy of Thought Machine and affiliate program manager. And again, Minna took her CFO, Navpreet Randhawa, from Sweden to London.

CEO Joakim Sjoblom said: “The UK is the engine not only of European markets but also of bridging our growing core markets in the US and Australia. Talent still exists. Talent, vitality we also value the value of entrepreneurs, tens of thousands of dollars to finance and promote globalization.

Customers have complete control

Founded in 2016 by Joakim Sjöblom, Jonas Karles, and Marcus Lönnberg, the company offers control of European stores. In particular, Minna gives full control to customers as they can manage services from their software bank. Press once to complete the registration. The system notifies them of free payment and prevents them from paying unnecessarily. Again, this will allow them to get better sales.

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