Netflix Brings Mobile Games to iOS Just a Week After Launching Them for Android Users

Netflix has announced the release of its mobile game for iOS users – a clear step after the introduction of mobile games for Android. The update will allow iOS users to play games – and watch movies and radio on their Netflix device. The games are not available with ads or other fees, although users need Netflix ads to see them on their iPhone or iPad. The first list of Netflix games is for adults only, not children. Younger users will also not be able to play free games on the device if you enter a PIN to prevent children from accessing your login information.

Netflix announced on Tuesday that it will release its members ’mobile games for the iPhone and iPad. The update will be available to users starting Wednesday, the company said.

Netflix has already begun bringing five games to mobile users: BonusXP’s Aliens: 1984 and Aliens 3: Game, Frosty Pop’s Shooting Hoops and Teeter Up, and Fun & Rogue Games’ Card Blast.

New releases usually arrive a few weeks after Netflix brings mobile phones to its Android users. On Android, users can download free games through Google Play and play them directly on their Netflix device by switching to a game or combination of games. However, iOS users can download games through the store.

Netflix’s interest in the growth of the sports world is no longer new, as it officially announced its first game program in July. The Los Angeles-based company hired Mike Verdu, vice president of sports development, to begin planning earlier this year. Verdu is a former Facebook editor who has worked with developers to create Visualized (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) products. He has also previously worked for sports companies, including Electronic Arts and Zynga.

Netflix first tested the first five mobile games in the European market, selected by video game developer Night School Studio in September. Video games have long worked with indie games, including BonusXP.

Since games are usually helpful for adults, in the beginning, Netflix began developing a similar TikTok called “Kids Clip” to attract new viewers to the platform. The new gift will appear in Netflix’s iOS app and allow children to watch live broadcasts. Unlike Laughing Laughs, you get short videos that you can watch on your phone.

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