New Relic introduces agentless monitoring for SAP solutionsⓇ

New Relic introduces agentless monitoring for SAP solutionsⓇ

New Relic, the observability company, today announced the general availability of New Relic Monitoring for SAPⓇ Solutions, the industry’s first native observability solution that delivers agentless to companies running critical business processes on SAP systems. The solution enables IT, teams, to better support business operations by leveraging existing SAP data sources to access all necessary telemetry data and avoiding the need to install intrusive surveillance agents on SAP production servers or rely on the 3rd.

With all telemetry together in one place, New Relic provides a comprehensive overview of dashboards, traces, and graphs, as well as anomaly detection and alerts for SAP and non-SAP systems. The solution can help teams with faster root cause analysis and resolution of issues that could impact the organization’s ability to generate revenue or deliver critical services.

Ninety-nine percent of the world’s largest companies rely on SAP to accelerate various business functions, from processing purchase orders and supplier invoices to executing finance and payroll. These critical business processes cannot be disrupted without severely impacting an organization’s ability to generate revenue and deliver products and services to its customers.

Until now, it was difficult to get a complete picture of all the complex SAP applications in an organization’s technology stack, leaving customers unprepared for business process disruptions. New Residual Monitoring for SAP Solutions provides the first native observability solution delivered agentless to companies running critical business processes on SAP systems.

“New Relic recognizes that companies around the world rely on SAP to manage their business and that any infrastructure or application issue can have a serious impact on revenue and service delivery,” said Rey Perez, Director of Customer Services at New Relic. relic “With Monitoring for SAP solutions, New Relic gives organizations the ability to detect problems early, even before they occur, and enable faster root cause resolution when problems are detected. We are taking enterprise-wide monitoring to a new level.”

“As a strategic partner of New Relic, we understand how mission-critical SAP is to our customer base, so we are excited to launch New Relic Monitoring for SAP solutions,” said Shrey Prakash, director of software and cloud. , the Asia Pacific and Japan for SoftwareONE. “SoftwareONE will help our customers migrate SAP applications to the public cloud and New Relic Monitoring for SAP Solutions will create the necessary insights into the performance and overall health of SAP systems to ensure a smooth and successful migration to the cloud.” ensure.”

The new residual monitoring for SAP v2.0 solutions is certified for deployment on SAP NetWeaver® 7.5 through the SAP ABAP® Add-on Deployment for SAP Enterprise Resource Planning integration scenario. The solution enables monitoring of SAP ECC, SAP S/4HANAⓇ , and other SAP Netweaver-based systems. The New Relic solution for SAP monitoring is available starting today.

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