New Sensors-To-Software Solutions Featuring NI and Omega

element14, Avnet Company and a global vendor of electronics, products, and solutions, has announced the latest Software Solutions with state-of-the-art software and equipment from NI as well as a leading lighting market of Omega. Competitive design governs the need for test-based testing methods, saving customers time and money through temperature testing, reliability testing, and product life testing.

Eme14’s experienced search and the weighing team has developed the most commonly used equipment and integrated systems containing NI and Omega products for optimal physical hygiene and cleaning. Using many of the recommended models, engineers can conduct real-life tests to see if the products are described, such as longevity and maximum reliability element14 also provides professional services and technical support from its in-house team to meet everyone’s customer needs and with quick access to problem information.

Key points and benefits:

  • Stability: A compact, 1-slot chassis allows the scale to be easily adapted by changing modules for different functions. The chassis and system can also be used with NI 80+ C SeriesDAQ compatible modules.
  • Easy to use: Flex Logger typing software can organize user interface with graphs, diagrams, and symbols. The system can simulate multiple simultaneous simulations, speeding up the performance process compared to program simulations, where the same difference is measured simultaneously. Users can configure branding and branding settings with the ability to install using test metadata tools.
  • Discussion: Test results can be saved in Excel (.csv) format files or open standard .tdms for use in any internal program.

“Element14 rating and metrics are among consumer-focused public support that can bring in high-quality products from major market customers or, in this case, providing services.” We are very excited about a large amount of equipment we can use in conjunction with the NI, ”said James McGregor, Head of Test Equipment, Equipment, and Production, at element14.

The sensor-to-software solution is available to create instant messenger NI and Omega from Farnell to EMEA, element14 to APAC, and Newark to North America.

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