NS1 Delivers Core Network Services to the Distributed Edge with Newly Released Cloud-Managed DDI

NS1, a leading intelligent and automated transport platform, today announced its basic response solution for DNS, DHCP, and IP management (DDI) through the NS1 integration platform. NS1 Cloud-Managed DDI allows organizations to provide basic services to some of their distribution networks and build software locally, cloud services, and cloud services. With this release, NS1 provides the first and only integrated solution for managed DNS, DDI, and intelligent power management books based on shared power grids, shared distribution, and networking.

These high-end companies operate multiple locations or areas that require the retention, trust, and communication of their products, customers, employees, and equipment anywhere – year after year. Integrated, flexible, and useful services are not sufficiently suited to the needs of today’s businesses. The complex requirements of implementation, inefficiency and planning, management, proper communication, and the lack of a clear and visible world delay responses and new relationships.

“When network and telecommunications networks are in public spaces, they need a new way to produce the first jobs that can be done in a company,” said Product Manager David Coffey. NS1. “With the release of the DDI-protected Cloud in NS1 Connect, we have integrated services such as external and internal DNS, DHCP, IPAM, and management systems into single network technology. Large, managed systems, device distribution, independence, and expertise.”

NS1 Cloud-Managed DDI enhances NS1 Integration quality, the industry-leading platform that connects networks with administrators and provides functionality and networking. The design provides the operational capabilities of IT teams to enable them to operate faster and less satisfied with the reliability required in today’s global manufacturing and business.

With NS1 Cloud-Managed DDI, web services can be delivered quickly cleanly, and transparently to subscribe to large and cloud applications. With integrated APIs and integrated tools, integrated web services can be integrated into cloud-based automation. Distribution centers – remote offices, shopping malls, cafes, hotels, hospitals, and other places – can operate independently, even if communication with the workplace is disrupted. With SaaS streams, cloud services can improve performance and reduce operational instability due to upgrades and enhancements.

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