PixelMax launches immersive 3D platform to solve the hybrid working challenge

Manchester, UK – PixelMax, one of Manchester’s leading technology vendors, has announced the latest product line to address the problem of integrated service over the Internet. It sounded like 3D.

PixelMax opens a new platform for closed circuits, developers, and other visitors from different market areas and shows its answer to the combined solution of problems.

PixelMax 3D has enabled workspaces that allow business owners to connect and create in real-time, by sharing an avatar or information. We always look at the quantity and look for how to apply the first method to companies with problems.

Over the past 18 months, the company has provided significant growth opportunities with its real-world 3D platform and has been nominated for the 20th Fastest Growth Award at the Prolific Northern Technical Awards, as well as the Pivotal Ent Entity Award at the British Enterprise Awards.

In May of this year, PixelMax hosted an exciting event for the UEFA Champions League Women’s Final, featuring the world for the first time, allowing fans to chat with the world’s biggest names. After seeing the progress of one event, PixelMax responded to those in need and expanded its platform to bring out the eternal 3D world.

PixelMax co-founder Shay O’Carroll said: “Our 3D world offers users an immersive and immersive experience. We have graphic designers at the beginning of the process.

Merchants know that. Even when it comes to investing in buildings, their employees spend most of their day.

” Whether working in the office or remotely, there is a good playground. The workshops will go to those who install it, will be ready.”

During the integrated product event, PixelMax allowed attendees to learn about the latest technology and discover the 3D world, which offers a wide range of photo and free features, including mini-games and interactive and greetings. Meetings.

The event made a cordial statement through several organized meetings, including Andrew Mawson, founder of Advanced Workplace Partners, Ben Davies, director of the Praetura marketing group, and Sarah Clarke, an organization specialist at Worker Mind Group.

The PixelMax event features images that incorporate a high-quality element, illuminating Sarah Clarke’s lights on the beautiful side of the mixed world. Alternatively, the selected studio demonstrates the success of PixelMax, including one of the first sophisticated test solutions, The Atacc Group. After building the company’s fastest 3D tailoring work, PixelMax allowed team members to have fun and in-depth training, ultimately reducing lost opportunities.

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