Achieves First Silicon Success with Synopsys Solutions, Introducing Industry’s Most Energy-Efficient MLSoC Platform to the Embedded Edge Achieves First Silicon Success with Synopsys Solutions, Introducing Industry's Most Energy-Efficient MLSoC Platform to the Embedded Edge, the machine learning (ML) company that enables easy deployment and scalability to the embedded edge, today announced that it has achieved the first silicon success for its new System-on-Chip Machine Learning (MLSoC) platform. ) using design, verification, IP solutions, and technical services.

Designed and tested using Synopsys tools, the MLSoC includes a wide range of Synopsys IPs, including the Synopsys ARC® EV processor for real-time vision processing. The partnership between and Synopsys optimizes power, flexibility, scalability, and protection for the future of robotics, smart vision, government, autonomous vehicles, drones, and healthcare at the embedded edge.

Now delivered to customers, the MLSoC provides a heterogeneous computing platform to support any computer vision application and offers a 10x better performance/power solution, all with a one-button software experience. Run at the lowest power and easily scale in minutes for computer vision applications.

Integrated edge applications can now process the entire machine vision application pipeline, including sensor data acquisition, pre-processing, inference, post-processing, and more, via the Synopsys ARC® EV74 integrated vision processor and’s machine learning technology on the MLSoC platform. Embedded Edge customers can distribute workloads across the heterogeneous computing architecture of’s MLSoC platform at the touch of a button for maximum accuracy and performance with the lowest power consumption and latency.

“As advanced machine learning capabilities are developed for the edge, designers need superior hardware technology and software tools to optimize power and performance, simplifying ML deployment,” said John Koeter, vice president of ML. senior president of marketing and strategy for Synopsys Solutions Group. “By providing a broad IP portfolio, streamlined deployment tools, and industry-leading hardware and software authentication solutions, Synopsys enables innovative companies like to meet their advanced design needs, accelerate SoC development, and deliver premium silicon.”

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