SparkBeyond Unveils No-Code AI Analytics Platform For Data Professionals

SparkBeyond today announced the next release of “SparkBeyond Discovery,” its AI analytics platform for problem-solving in the next generation. This technology enables the advanced AI platform led by SparkBeyond to make effective, fast business decisions.

The new non-code standard, combined with a simple user interface and installation methods, now allows quick access to clear issues and proxy generations. It analyzes millions of ideas per minute based on high-quality and external information to show the negligence of business drivers and practices and interprets the findings in clear language.

Some of the world’s leading companies are already using SparkBeyond Discovery, including McKinsey, Baker McKenzie, Hitachi, PepsiCo, Santander, and ABInBev.

Highlights of SparkBeyond Discovery’s new platform include:

  • Use and guide your search for information-Use the Secret Section Engineer to quickly scans millions of data on your data, looking for clues you never thought you would see.
  • Search for more information by double-clicking-From timeline to repeated messages to local data, large data types are connected visually, granularly, without writing a single string of numbers.
  • Strengthen your knowledge by adding a real world-View the large image and edit the SparkBeyond global information database (maps, Wikipedia, maps, etc.).
  • Compatible UI for results– Create an improved, updated mix of unusual textures, common language, and a wide range of metric tests in each class to get a clearer view.
  • There is no limit to the training, promotion, and testing of ML models– Use the built-in Mota-ML to improve their visibility, improving the speed of the models and speeding up the war.

About SparkBeyond

SparkBeyond aims to quickly deepen the user’s ability to solve complex problems in a productive world, combining scientific and technical capabilities to create a positive sense of performance, cost, and reality in the community.

Its preferred product, SparkBeyond Discovery, is a good choice for top companies and consulting companies, thanks to its advanced analytics and independent AI. Industrial leaders around the world are using SparkBeyond technology to extract new information from data, develop new knowledge, and plan solutions to their complex problems, having lasting results for a wide range of problems.

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