SpringML Renews Its Machine Learning Specialization in Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program

SpringML Renews Its Machine Learning Specialization in Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program

SpringML, Inc., a leader in advanced machine learning and data analytics services, today announced that it has earned the updated Machine Learning Partner Specialization in the Google Cloud Partner Advantage program. By achieving the Machine Learning Partner Specialization, SpringML has demonstrated its experience and success in building machine learning solutions for customers using Google Cloud technology.

Partners with this specialization have demonstrated success with data exploration, preprocessing, model training, model evaluation, model implementation, online prediction, and machine learning APIs. Trained by Google. This specialization allows customers to further leverage Google Cloud’s artificial intelligence and machine learning services to analyze data, use voice and image recognition applications, and more.

“Artificial intelligence and machine learning are one of the most important foundations of successful digital transformation. Using Google Cloud ML tools and technologies, SpringML has helped companies on their digital transformation journey.” This is our third innovation demonstrating our maturity and proven strength in providing end-to-end AI/ML services and support. SpringML’s domain experience, along with Google Cloud capabilities, is well positioned to help our mutual customers on their journey to AI.”

Prabhu Palanisamy, President and Chief Strategy Officer, SpringML

“AI/ML technologies are driving digital transformation across all industries, and access to experts with expertise in these areas is important for continued innovation,” said Derrick Thompson, Global Head of Partner Differentiation, and Google Cloud its commitment to helping customers transform their businesses with cloud technologies like ML.”

At SpringML, we’ve earned multiple Google Cloud specializations in data analytics, data management, application development, and security, demonstrating our commitment to our customer’s success. SpringML is a trusted partner for data-driven digital transformation projects with our flexible, iterative, and incremental delivery model that helps companies build future-proof applications.

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