Tech Mahindra and Subex Partner to Drive Scale Adoption of Blockchain-based Solutions for Telecom Operators Globally

Eliminate theft by initiating communication, reducing rigidity, and speeding up the marketing BENGALURU, INDIA – Tech Mahindra, a leading provider of digital transformation, consulting, project management, and response services, and Subex, director of Digital Service Trust, announced their partnership to create blockchain solutions for mobile phone users around the world. These solutions help reduce theft and improve access to services by managing complex issues and accelerating sales.

The partnership will find regular solutions with short-term data to reduce disputes, leading to a reduction in the number of certificates and disputes related to emergency solutions and commercial paper. In addition, this partnership accelerates the meeting of providers online and increases the visibility of the pay month. CSP enjoys better performance through the use of smart blockchain solutions and the creation of efficient mechanisms that promote trust between different spouses.

Rajesh Dhuddu, Director of Security Services at Tech Mahindra, said, “As a mobile operator, Tech Mahindra helps reduce enrollments.

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