The NL API Now Available in AWS Marketplace

Today has announced its native language (NL) API which provides a deeper understanding of the language currently available in the AWS Marketplace, a database that contains thousands of content to download from the top consumer software that makes it easy to find, search. , buy. , and install a tool to work on Amazon Web Services (AWS). NL API is a powerful way to organize informal language information using in-depth knowledge of the language with minimal effort. The API determines the meaning of the word used in the definition (“difference”) to quickly organize key points, pointers and addictions, and so on. It can also view tips and capture a variety of 117 modes and modes, making it find richer, more complete, and constantly add to the ideas and ideas available. -based API ecosystem. And again, with the use of advanced technology and its wide range of graphic design skills, the NL API can be used to inform in-depth information (protecting customers, victims, users, or subjects. As well as preserving records (privacy rules), promotional documents, maps, and more information.

AWS clients can quickly start retrieving information from unfamiliar languages using NL API and their AWS accounts are available. Expert NL can be obtained by two important types:

• Topics include translation research, marking in language groups, technical analysis, text groups, in-depth comments, descriptive words, characters, letters, and letters.

• Premium Bundle includes surveys, IPTC news, maps, surveys and surveys, personal surveys (PII), and business paper surveys.

About the are the basis of the art of understanding language. His approach to speaking a mixed natural language combines human metaphor and machine learning to provide useful information and information from mana. Modified data to improve decision-making. With a variety of in-house, privacy, and environmental offerings, the promotes business performance, accelerates and compares the traditional language of scientific knowledge helping to use AI in many industries, including insurance, banking & finance, printing. & media, security & intelligence, life science & pharma, oil, gas, and energy. has developed its native language solutions and business services such as AXA XL, Zurich Insurance Group, General, The Associated Press, Bloomberg INDG, BNP Paribas, Rabobank, Gannett, and EBSCO.

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