The Modern Data Estate Explained: An Interview with Blueprint’s Solution Architect Jeba Selvaraj

One of our most important business areas at Blueprint is helping clients establish their Modern Data Estate. However, many are unfamiliar with the term and also do not understand the benefits of a modernized data pipeline. We interviewed our solution architect, Jeba Selvaraj, to help us answer a number of questions. The world is changing. Previously, businesses built architectural platforms and it took years and years to create something that enabled advanced data usage and analysis. Everyone now wants everything in a very short time. Businesses do not want to spend years building a platform and then researching and using the data they already have; now they want to work on the data. Cloud platforms offer the speed of one of the highest platforms we use to make all the relevant data of an organization usable. Simply put, a modern data estate is an infrastructure with which a business can systematically manage and use corporate data in a short space of time.

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