Twitter Spaces now available on Desktop browser & Mobile

You can now sign into Twitter Spaces from any mobile device or web browser, except Android and iOS apps.

Twitter made it possible to access Spaces from a mobile and desktop browser. Previously, Spaces was only available on Android and iOS applications. Users can now even enter a space with a browser. Twitter made some quick updates to Spaces after expanding the functionality to more users.

Twitter today announced the expansion of Spaces to multiple platforms. He also highlighted three main areas for Spaces. The first is the listening infrastructure and the user interface that “fits the screen size”. The second is to set reminders for scheduled spaces and the third is accessibility and transcripts. Twitter also provided examples of how Spaces will appear in the web browser. An image shows the user interface for entering a room. It is very similar to the version of the mobile application, where you can see the hostname, description, and list of participants.

The second image shows a continuous spatial window located on the right side of the screen. So you can listen to Space Conversations while browsing through tweets at the same time. Twitter also shows real-time transcripts of the space displayed at the bottom of the window. However, there is a limitation. Although you can log in, listen and speak to Spaces with your browser, you cannot start one yet. Twitter confirmed this to The Verge and there is no news as to when it will be available.

Now that is available in the browser, it shows that Twitter is taking its rival club very seriously. Experiments with “Ticket Spaces” started recently, allowing users to sell tickets to their spaces. Twitter has also implemented scheduling and reminders for Spaces, making it easier for users.

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