UK-based online employee health record solution secures £2.25M funding from BOOST&Co

Medical Management Systems (MMS), the UK’s online leading data warehouse, Meddbase, has saved BOOST&Co $ 2.25 billion in investment, another event.

Eyes to expand online platform

The company uses the implant to further improve its own operating systems and patient data systems. And again, MMS will continue to improve online capabilities to secure contracts in new markets and markets.

In addition to this plant, the product is one of the winners of the Health Technology of the Year award for the 2021 Health Awards.

Oliver Reece, a senior lecturer at BOOST & Co said: “We are excited to support MMS and look forward to working with the team in the next chapter of their journey.

Will Temple, Managing Director at MMS said: “Since 2004 we have pioneered the development of a real-world solution that can address all aspects of a secure medical company. Website. Our work is participatory. In health issues, we apply. ”You take the lead. Of ability. Strong business creation and business growth. “

Focuses on healthcare professionals

Mediabase has developed the British corporate software program MMS as the leading online British EHR solution. Designed for medical professionals who want to enter medical training and record programs, it is available from any device. The database allows medical and healthcare companies at any medical facility to safely access anything online, including laptops, tablets, and phones. Founded and secured in the United Kingdom, Meddbase has offices in London and Southampton.

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