US e-commerce unicorn ShipBob announces European expansion; to open 5 fulfillment centers in 2022

US Cloud-based unicorn logistics ShipBob helps SME products compete with Amazon by providing them with cheap and fast products. In a recent report, the company announced a major European expansion that will open 20 production facilities as it focuses on showcasing the upcoming British supermarket and accelerating business growth.

To open UK fulfilment centres

Through ShipBob’s production facilities in the UK, they provide instant access to a given global network while still using their technology, helping products maintain a record, order, and better customer awareness by providing faster and lower cost. UK products are designed to help ShipBob before it expands. With improved home shipping, the partnership with ShipBob provides the UK network with faster access to North American market customers and the ability to ship US customers within days.

In addition, ShipBob will provide branding and calm in dealing with market issues and provide immediate access to a network of internationally and internally known celebrities. , to ensure that items can be delivered to the customer’s door.

Initially, ShipBob raised $ 200 million (about $ 150 billion) at Series E meetings in June this year from Bain Capital Ventures and SoftBank to other investors. Commerce Minister Paul Scully said, “This investment is reliable in the U.S. economy. I know our manufacturing and business environment will rejoice at the prospect of easy access. Find overseas customers who help with transportation, growth, and manufacturing services.

In addition, ShipBob has appointed Go Breslin as EMEA Director. Breslin’s first goal is to build the UK company’s operations with around 5 e-commerce operations by 2022. By 2023, the company hopes to have 20 European settlements completing and building permanent jobs for 300 UK and another 200 across Europe.

Breslin has 30 years of experience in European e-commerce, most recently as Head of a Radial-e-commerce company. He rebuilt Europe’s first e-commerce SaaS platform, Aspheric, and founded GSI Commerce / eBay Enterprise Europe.

Go, Breslin, CEO of ShipBob EMEA, said: “ShipBob is committed to allowing all kinds of cross-border transactions and is the only player in the e-commerce world with a good balance between technology, performance, and customers, and opportunity. Be the first in any market we choose to enter. “

Dhruv Saxena, founder of ShipBob, and CEO said: “We have encouraged ShipBob to make democracy work and give the country the power to sell and sell big companies. It is growing in Europe. Better than Go to lead this charge. We have worked with our London office for weeks. In total years we have welcomed our first British staff and I am sure his leadership will help ShipBob. Fasten to Europe from this first place in the UK.

Helps SMEs offer Amazon-like experience

Founded in 2014 in Chicago by Dhruv Saxena and Divey Gulati, ShipBob helps small and medium-sized devices deliver information about Amazon Prime faster and more portable. The company grew more than 100 percent year-over-year by 2020, losing billions in product value, and currently sells more than $ 100 billion, thanks to its track record of helping Shopify-era grow brands in successful overseas businesses that satisfy everyone, leaving them focused on growth.

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