Wireless Logic signs MVNO deal with BT to strengthen its global IoT network

Leading IoT Communications Wireless Logic recently announced an IoT (MVNO) and BT wholesale network agreement.

The agreement confirms the Wireless Logic-operated network created through the integration of these “IoT-based” screens and the upgrades of the win-win ET mobile BT Group.

The partnership with BT’s wholesale and wireless logic will enable future mobile communications technology to accelerate key IoT UK devices.

EE operates the largest and fastest network in the UK, offering greater integration in some areas than any other product. The network operator is known as the UK 5G network and the UK’s largest network operator RotetMetrics every year since 2014. BT Group recently announced new plans to offer high-quality 5G solutions in the UK. Across the UK with a desire to deliver 5G anywhere by 2028.

As part of the transaction, Wireless Logic customers will be able to access and connect with BT Group vendors, including 4E and 5G network winners. Logic wireless customers will be introduced to next year’s 5G capabilities.

Wireless Logic CEO Oliver Tucker said: “We are pleased to announce this partnership. For more than a decade, we have built a strong brand with BT as they continue to invest in telecommunications services. Support the UK’s digital future.

The IoT network combines the world’s best LTE, 5G, and LPWAN accounts. Our advanced mobile phone offers a secure, reliable, and secure connection for the future. “

With 85% of the UK’s 4G sites accounting for 99% of the population, EE has a large and reliable IoT network run by Wireless Logic and the ability to manage and purchase Wireless Logic.

Alex Tempest, CEO of BT Wholesale, said: “With IoT usage increasing by more than 25 percent this year, our new partnership with WiFi Logic for this IoT-built website is already the beginning of the IoT.

As this demand for television grows, mobiles, as well as logical information and global market opportunities, are driving consumers to the next generation of Internet solutions. Tenga UK. “

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