Yext Announces Collaboration with Acquia to Deliver New AI Search Integrations

Yext, Inc., AI Search Company, today announced a new partnership that allows businesses to use AI search engines to work on websites built by Acquia Drupal Cloud, a well-known platform for building, sending, and satisfying mathematical information.

Yext encourages businesses to improve their search and its AI solutions, which use a variety of natural language (NLP) methods. ) algorithms to understand complex questions and to provide real answers to complex questions.

Acquia provides solutions and services based on Drupal, a content management system (CMS), which provides companies with the ability to build, operate and satisfy websites, software, and other technical information. In partnership with Acquia, Yext can offer its customers a set of new computing solutions based on Drupal and Acquia solutions.

Businesses using Acquia Drupal Cloud can use a data network to integrate information about their users, locations, help topics, events, etc. into their Yext graphical, stored and data-compliant AI search platform. Once their data is organized, businesses can drag and drop search results to their website using Yext’s Drupal application, then move on to other changes, reduce support costs, and information. A new customer experience has been seen by Yext customers around the world.

“We are excited to work with a company like Yext that shares our vision of valuable information,” said Kevin Cochrane, SVP of Product Marketing Acquia. “There is a real opportunity to be able to integrate a well-developed CMS with a state-of-the-art AI platform, and we are very excited to see these integration opportunities open to businesses that use our team in the industry.”

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About Yext

Every AI Search company aims to transform the business with AI search.

With the advent of information and experience on the internet, search has never been more important. Thus, while the world of search marketing is emerging over time, there is no business search. Much of the search industry is driven by the old keyword search technology that simply searches for keywords and provides a hyperlink list instead of answering questions.

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