Apple Music May Get ‘Hi-Fi’ Audio Streaming Tier

Apple, along with the planned launch of its third-generation AirPods, is also expected to launch a high fidelity level for Apple Music, offering high-resolution music resolution, giving Spotify a face-to-face combat capability.

The Apple Music Hi-Fi level offers CD quality and lossless sound for the company’s music streaming application. While no details about Apple Music Hi-Fi are available so far, a report from Hits Doubles Daily indicates that the new Hi-Fi layer will cost $ 9.99 (approximately INR 738) in the U.S., as will the company’s existing subscription. Apple Music.

The news comes just days after the power and archrival giant in space: Spotify has announced its premium high-fidelity level, allowing listeners to experience more depth and clarity in the songs.

Now, what does the high-fidelity layer sound like, and how does it improve the sound quality?

The complete form of hi-fi is high-quality sound, a term that many people are familiar with. Distortion and inaudible noise due to loud tones and uniform frequency response in the range of human hearing put the sound in a specific position.

Hi-Fi audio is considered better than other formats, as it provides a full range of audible frequencies with minimal distortion of the original signal. Apple Music does not currently provide a high-resolution audio level. Apple Music’s new level of high fidelity will compete with other services that provide lossless sound quality, such as Amazon Music, Spotify, Tidal, and others.

According to the latest report, Apple plans to announce the new HiFi and AirPods 3 tier in the “next few weeks”. Apple’s next big piece of news is the June 7 WWDC meeting. From now on, Apple will announce the new quality standard and the third generation of AirPods at the conference.

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