Apple Watch Series 7 Could Feature a Blood Glucose Monitor

Apple Watch and new health monitoring features are synonymous with a new smartwatch every year. Apple introduced blood oxygen monitoring with the Series 6 last year and has become a very popular feature for all other new smartwatches to repeat since launch. Another useful Apple Watch tool that saves lives is the electrocardiogram (ECG), which debuted in 2018 with the Apple Watch Series 4.

Now, Apple may want to take it a step further with features like blood pressure monitoring and even alcohol level monitoring in future models. According to a report by The Telegraph, a SEC filing suggests that Apple will add a glucose meter to the Apple Watch as early as 2022.

The Cupertino giant has apparently been Rockley Photonics’ biggest customer over the years, which could mean that next generation sensors could be in devices next year. The British company is known for developing sensors that read various blood signals normally detectable only by medical equipment, which emit infrared light through the skin of a module on the back of a smartwatch.

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The company claims to have a “supply and development agreement” with the company, on which it expects to continue to depend for most of its revenues. Most of its revenue also comes from technical expenses for future product development work. Andrew Rickman, Rockley’s CEO, said he expects the technology developed by the company to be in consumer products by 2022, although he does not say that he will explicitly say whether Apple will involve the process.

Modules currently found in smartwatches can detect and measure specific aspects, such as heart rate, but the ability to detect variables like blood sugar is a long-term goal for wearable technology manufacturers. The feature will be a great relief for diabetics.

For now, controlling the blood sugar of diabetics is a little tricky. The user must collect blood for each test, place it on a test strip that is placed on a glucometer to obtain a reading. You can only imagine how simple things would be if you had a smartwatch that could read that measurement.

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