Common B2B SaaS Marketing Challenges: The Best Tips to Overcome Them

Common B2B SaaS Marketing Challenges: The Best Tips to Overcome Them

There is a lot of difference between consumer marketing and SaaS marketing. Unlike traditional consumer marketing techniques, SaaS marketing is complex, unconventional, and has nothing physical to back it up. Simply put, B2B SaaS marketing does not include physical items that can be easily marketed and popularized.

Consumer marketing has products like phones, washing machines, books, bread, etc. Marketers use creative advertising to advertise and eventually reach the masses. Consumers relate to these ads and advertisements and store the products.

On the other hand, B2B SaaS marketing presents some obstacles and only solid marketing strategies can remove them.

B2B SaaS marketing is all about promoting software that is not as fun and exciting as consumer goods. Its existence is not physical, and marketers often struggle to get customers to buy it. Finally, they need to adopt some ready-made marketing strategies to overcome these B2B SaaS marketing challenges.

What are the fundamental challenges of B2B SaaS marketing?

The SaaS marketing industry is growing rapidly and most marketers face several challenges. They need to promote and sell virtual products such as software, which require in-depth technical knowledge and good analysis, as well as some unique marketing strategies.

With all these critical B2B SaaS marketing challenges ahead, it is quite interesting to develop and implement the right SaaS marketing strategy for long-term growth.

Here are some of the basic B2B SaaS marketing challenges:

  • Customer attitude is one of the most critical B2B SaaS marketing challenges. Unfortunately, traditional SaaS marketing strategies cannot effectively target customers’ emotional quotient.
  • Typically, the entire management team makes purchasing decisions for these products, not one person.
  • SaaS offerings are dynamic and change over time. The release of newer versions or updates for the same product can result in the delivery of redundant marketing messages.
  • Marketers have little time to convince customers. Short sales cycles make it quite difficult to close deals within the available window.
  • Users are often confused by fundamental SaaS terms such as cloud computing. You need to make sure your marketing strategy is informative enough.
  • Knowing the exact niche to market your SaaS products is essential.

Additional B2B SaaS Marketing Challenges

Find ways to stand out from the crowd

The main concern of your SaaS business is to meet customer needs without following the same marketing strategies used by your competitors. The world of SaaS marketing is evolving every day and entrepreneurs are having sleepless nights with minimal tweaks to a competitor’s design or marketing strategy.

This is an already crowded niche and it is the responsibility of every SaaS marketer to lead the way. Failure can keep you from moving forward and your competitor will end up winning customers and growth.

Acquisition of low-value, high-volume customers

SaaS marketers get relatively fewer leads from customers due to shorter sales cycles. In such cases, there is no room for error as this can slow down the process.

For this reason, B2B SaaS companies should consider targeting low-value consumers in high volumes, just like traditional B2C companies. A unique inbound marketing strategy is the best way to make the most of this tactic.

Consumer loyalty

The SaaS pricing model ensures that payments are received on time. Acquiring new customers is the main agenda of any SaaS marketer.

However, customer loyalty programs are just as important as generating more revenue. Increasing customer retention can lead to big profits in the long run.

Simply put, you need a solid marketing strategy to meet your customers’ needs, preventing them from switching companies. It will benefit you in:

  • Development of unique marketing campaigns to convince customers
  • Better engagement with your customers through social channels
  • Provide better solutions to customer problems
  • Delivery of value-added products

If you have an effective and carefully planned marketing strategy, you are more likely to catch the attention of dedicated SaaS fans.

Now, let’s discuss some knockout marketing tactics that will help you conquer the common B2B SaaS marketing challenges discussed so far.

Best Tips & Strategies to Overcome B2B SaaS Marketing Challenges

Offer Free Trials to Get More Customers

When selling physical products, you won’t be interested in giving away the stuff for free and incurring a loss. You may consider offering a few free products to the retailer for advertising purposes but you definitely won’t offer free stuff in huge volumes even to the retailer as it’s not economically infeasible.

The same strategy needs attention in the case of SaaS products. And, giving free trials of the product is a renowned and widely approved SaaS marketing strategy for growth. This SaaS marketing plan is a tactical way for acquiring new customers and onboarding them.

Using the term FREE in your plan is the most effective way to overcome SaaS challenges. Many B2B SaaS companies use the free model in a variety of ways. For example:

  • Free trial without payment information
  • Free trial with payment information
  • 30/60/90-day free trial
  • Limited feature free trial
  • Trial-to-paid
  • Freemium
  • Free Trial

Develop a Great Content Marketing Strategy

Any SaaS marketing strategy cannot rule without a carefully planned content marketing strategy. However, organizing and presenting SaaS information in the form of content is one of the biggest challenges in marketing.

Even though this is a fundamental thing, it is often overlooked. SaaS companies should consider posting regular blogs that serve as a source of reliable information for users. If people know your product well, they are more likely to make the purchase.

Your SaaS marketing plan should be able to explore the power of content and market it in different forms. Marketers can use techniques such as content syndication to effectively deal with SaaS challenges by delivering critical content to customers. Market your content through tweets, blogs, webinars, and all other ways. 

Let Your Product Sell Itself

Whether it’s a consumer marketing strategy or a SaaS marketing strategy, its results depend heavily on product quality. And, when it’s about the products, you have to focus on the following crucial things:

  • Incredible products
  • Excellent customer support

All the great SaaS marketing examples always excel in these two factors. When your products and support are up to the mark, the rest of the things automatically fall in line.

Develop a state-of-the-art software product and provide remarkable customer support with or without goodies and gifts, and then experiment with how this strategy becomes a game-changer for you in overcoming all the SaaS challenges.

Give Reassurance and a Demo to Deal With Rapid Sales Cycles

The short sales cycles are one of the biggest challenges in marketing SaaS products. The purchasing process spans a few days or weeks. This is extremely lower than the purchasing process period of B2B sales marketing.

SaaS products change continuously. If there are delays in the sales process, the software may undergo several iterations during this time. As a result, you will need to give a demo and reassurance to SaaS customers who may turn away to avoid longer sales cycles.

Final Words

In summary, SaaS marketers must understand this authentic and logical advice — great products and excellent customer services are the foundation of every successful marketing strategy. And, this has the power to overcome all the challenges in marketing.

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