Facebook Internal Weighing System: Our Summary and Vision

Facebook announces internal content management rules and regulations for the first time. This 27-page article explains in detail how the companies work to interpret speech, violence, shame, terrorism, and more.

At Web Purify, we are well aware of the complexity of the ordering process and the easy-to-handle political issues. So we will summarize some of the key features of their new leadership plan, followed by some of our own tips.

Facebook has divided its rules into six chapters, each with different sections:

1. Violence and crime

This section includes reliable threats to violence (sections that include targets as well as other information such as location, time, or weapons), weapons or explosive weapons orders (if the target is violent), and hostility, organized crime, and creative control. . It posts a Facebook profile of terrorist attacks and hate groups, and blocks all messages that support or promote those groups.

Please note that there are some options for the Facebook cover of animal cruelty: hunting, fishing, religious practices, or cooking.

2. Security

Suicide, suicide, harassment, torture and harassment and confidentiality protection are provided.

In the harassment section, they claim that the pages or groups that attack people appear to be not original but written by someone other than the person.

Is it still with us? These rules are strict.

3. Incorrect information

This group includes angry language, violence, nudity and sex, and things that are “violent and bizarre”.

Their role in angry language prevents them from being attacked by security forces and also increases security depending on travel conditions. Facebook also split the attack into three critical areas, without removing any keywords to use or exploit.

We allow you to read episodes of blatant violence at any time, but remember that Facebook has to deal with human fraud in some way.

4. Honesty and integrity

This category includes spam, false information, advertising, and false information.

For now, Facebook wants to focus on journalists only, but most have fake names and ages if accountants expect to spread fake papers.

The only part we found was that Facebook announces that Facebook reduces the flow of tapes instead of removing them. Emotions, uncertainties, and political differences were difficult to deal with.

5. Respect for science

If there is a criminal case or offense, Facebook removes the owner during cooking.

6. Story information

This group is for users who want to move the contents and increase safety for babies. In particular, they allow the government to eliminate the registration of child pornography and parental requests to remove resources containing children infected with the virus.

As a global publisher of social media, Facebook has a new social media platform. They use a variety of information and user reports to identify violations of their laws, which are being investigated in one of the seven hundred and five hundred courts being investigated. They have announced a plan to appeal crime, which is set to be extended next year.

Facebook numbers are almost completely different. As for the narrative being described, even to the seemingly rare and important one, there are certainly analysts who make decisions.

Thus, a comprehensive study of the reduction and interpretation of the step seems acceptable. There are more dust attacks than you think.

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