Forecasts on Software Trends of 2022

The world began with the “new normal age”. With vaccine inventions proliferating and countries rapidly vaccinating their citizens, we will return to a “new and normal” life. Most of the changes were beneficial. However, during the pandemic, challenges arose and innovations responded. Let’s talk exactly about innovations in software development trends.

Digitization played an important role in transforming society and overcoming the obstacles of the pandemic. Hybrid workstyle, chatbot, IoT, artificial intelligence, and application development to improve performance and customer experience are key trends in software development.

Post-pandemic growth forecasts

  • 63.3% of companies believe that digital transformation is accelerating.
  • Online sales will represent 22% of global retail (currently 14%)
  • The use of low code products will be up to 50%.
  • The outsourcing industry is valued at over $66 billion.

Trends in software development have led to a boom in the software industry. With that, all industries turned to software solutions. Looking at this change of scenery, there are some predictions about the software development trends that will dominate the industry through 2022.

Trends in software development


Combining IA and Big Data with IoT has led to major changes in the IoT industry. The IoT has found its way deep into people’s daily lives. Simplify daily tasks by automatically connecting and synchronizing all sensor devices. Machines understand our needs in time and act later.

IoT has come a long way since connecting the phone and laptop. Instead, start your day with Alexa, Siri, or Google. Everything can be controlled via the Internet of Things, from asking to turn on the coffee maker to adjust the temperature of the air conditioner!

As a result, more and more devices with sensors are being built to simplify everyday processes. IoT is therefore one of the trends in software development that can be used across multiple industries until 2022.

IoT has innovative potential and is adapted for smart cities. Smart city design is only possible thanks to IoT.

Progressive Web Applications (PWAs)

Progressive web applications are a software development trend that is becoming increasingly popular in these turbulent times. PWAs are apps that combine the functionality of native apps with the accessibility of websites and provide the same user experience as native apps, without the hassle of updating and installing for mobile or web devices.

Easy maintenance, a codebase, ease of search, lightweight, and offline are some of the advantages of progressive web apps. PWA is here to stay and is the best in software development.

Low code development

Whether for software developers, web developers, or users, low code development is a success for everyone. This new development technology saves time, is fast and intuitive. The long hours coded on each line are limited by low code development. Here the code is outlined as a flowchart and inserted into the machine. This saves a lot of manual effort.

Traditional developers didn’t think this process had much potential, but the pandemic has changed the way people think. Low code development allows people with low digital skills to digitize their ideas.

AR (Augmented Reality)

Augmented reality has changed the market enormously. Customers can virtually try out new makeup or beauty products without touching the product first. The beauty industry saw an incredible conversion when AR was used for its marketing. Likewise, the days of 2D mapping are over. AR has managed to bring 3D mapping into our lives. Whether playing or browsing; augmented reality made things very attractive.

AR is a hit in advertising. Companies attract customers by adding filters or creating environments in their applications. It showed high conversion rates for companies. This is because RA software is more than visually appealing. Improve functionality, increase efficiency and create brand value. As a result, we will see more of this technology in 2022.

Big data

Using Big Data means building credibility. Security takes on new meaning after Covid-19. The public has become aware of the information to which it will have access. This has led to an increase in the use of Big Data.

In 2022, Big Data can be deployed as DaaS (Data as a Service). This allows companies to access the data they need, eliminating redundancy.

Big Data is therefore a software trend that will act as a barrier for companies to adapt in the future.

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

This list would be incomplete without mentioning the latest software trends in the market. Over the past five years, artificial intelligence is an industry that has gained a lot of momentum. This is because machines are trained to think and perform tasks that were only possible for humans.

By 2022, there will hardly be an industry that has not implemented AI. From supply and demand chain to stock market forecasting, we’ll see a lot of AI everywhere.

Conclusion: get ready for 2022!

These are some predictions about the development of software trends for 2022. There will be big changes in people’s lifestyle, work style, and adaptation measures. And in this era of change, technology trends will ensure maximum productivity at will.

Predictions of technological processes are quite unpredictable when inventions emerge. But one thing you can expect is that rapidly changing technological trends will continue and there will be no end to innovation in these areas.

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