Marketing Technology Trends You Should Apply in 2022

Marketing Technology Trends You Should Apply in 2022

With the world around us changing so drastically, every trend seems to be optimized to adapt to the changes. To manage your business, it is essential to be on top of market trends. From increasing productivity to keeping up with the latest trends in marketing technology, every minute counts to drive the business forward in 2022.

Even if your current marketing ideas for your business work well enough for you, they may not work in the future. And that’s because marketing technology trends change dramatically over time. More than 68% of companies have increased their investments to increase productivity.

Why does your company want to keep up with the latest marketing technology trends?

  • ●Create competitive advantages
  • ● Build lasting relationships with consumers
  • ● Provides various services upon request.
  • ● Get profitable business results.

The results for keeping up with the latest trends in marketing technology are excellent. According to experts, companies can see their profits increase by 20-30% if they incorporate the latest marketing trends.

Now that we know the benefits businesses can get from keeping up with marketing technologies. Here are some of the things to consider in 2022.

The latest trends in marketing technology

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The implementation, analysis, and use of real-time intelligence to create artificial intelligence is a wonder created by scientists. From helping robots in wars to medical fields, AI has come a long way from solving mathematical algorithms alone. So imagine how impressive it will be if AI is implemented in marketing.

AI in marketing technology trends is estimated to reach $190 billion by 2025. When consumers get what they want with minimal effort, AI delivers what it promised. And that’s exactly why you should incorporate AI into your marketing efforts.


Augmented reality, virtual reality, and augmented reality play important roles in the latest trends in marketing technology. Stimulators are known for providing an exciting experience to users in the game world. So imagine what an unforgettable experience they will bring to the consumer once they are implemented in marketing. The pandemic has pushed people to buy more with their fingertips, but there is still a reluctance to buy bigger goods.

For example, buying furniture or buying a house still requires a physical check. Well, this is where AR, VR, and XR played an important role. Ikea has been exemplary in implementing these latest trends in the technology market. Ikea allows customers to scan the space and place their chosen furniture there. Distance and dimensions would be 98% accurate. So that customers can buy the product with complete satisfaction.

Implementing these interactive features in marketing departments ensures total customer satisfaction. And a satisfied customer was 99% a repeat customer.

Voice search

Voice search is one of the latest trends in marketing technology that the marketing giants have already implemented. Google, Apple, Amazon, and Windows voice assistants account for 50% of marketing success. In addition to providing a personal approach, it also contributes to maintaining sustainability.

For example, suppose a person buys a specific item through Alexa. In this case, the entire process of placing the product in the cart, payment, and tracking from shipping to delivery is reported by Alexa. Even after the item is delivered, Alexa is trained to ask about the product after a while. That way, even if the buyer wasn’t satisfied with the product, the buyer could pass it on to Alexa. Improve the shopping experience. This means that even if the customer is not satisfied with a certain product, they will return to the store with Alexa.

Voice search popularity has defined the term your sales graph will go down if you don’t introduce it as one of your marketing strategies.


As the demand and supply chain of products/services increase, customers need solutions to their queries in a minimum period. Technically, you can’t always be there and respond perfectly. It also leads to a generous investment in the human resources department.

All of these can be avoided and customers can always be satisfied when you launch chatbots – one of the most successful trends in marketing technology to provide on-demand solutions. Chatbots have also been shown to improve the shopping experience. Chatbots can be implemented with the right AI and ML algorithms. Chatbots are designed to quickly generate answers to questions asked, save time and make the customer happy.

According to a Salesforce survey, 69% of US customers prefer the support and have their questions answered via a chatbot.

Improved data analytics

When your company has massive customer data, from the personal front to behavioral models, you need to use it correctly for marketing campaigns. Proper use of data should be the most implemented marketing technology trend by 2022.

A company has access to personal information, choices, geographic locations, and customer data. This information can be used for email marketing campaigns, virtual assistants, and so on to provide a personalized user experience. Birthday gift cards and birthday gift reminders are perfect examples of how to use data correctly for marketing.

Netflix is ​​the best example of how to run analytics in the right way. Personal advice based on user opinions is a successful strategy. 80% of viewers watch Netflix recommendations.


Emerging trends in marketing technology demand speed and reliability. For example, web pages must load faster, videos must not be buffered but play smoothly, and chatbots and AI functions must work seamlessly for a seamless customer experience. And all this is possible if 5G technology is implemented in the services.

European countries have big goals in implementing 5G in every possible domain. They have a plan to cover the trails and roads to give people uninterrupted coverage during the trip.

Once the fifth-generation mobile technology is up and running, Google plans to remove all non-mobile-optimized sites.

Billions of dollars have already been spent on building 5G infrastructure; so that implementation can be done in a snap. However, the internet experience that 5G promises are sure to gain traction in business.


Companies need to implement these marketing technology trends to keep their profit and sales graph up to date. Even if your current marketing techniques are profitable, times are likely to change and you will need to implement the latest trends in marketing technology.

There will be several emerging marketing trends that will encourage companies to reach and retain their customers. The bottom line is that you need to know which, or which combination, is best for your business.

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