New AI Tools Help for Retailers to Level the Playing Field

AI is arguably the Holy Grail of more effective buy optimization for traders. Artificial intelligence comes in many different forms and options. Of course, one size fits all marketing needs.

One promising solution is a more discreet approach to making AI work in retailers. Fast Simon unveiled a new JavaScript (JS) or SDK software development package for its AI store optimization solution last month.

Another AI technology platform for online merchants focuses on using visual data to drive conversions. Vizit’s AI platform helps eCommerce marketers see things through their customers. It allows marketers to optimize their visual brands and know which product images will successfully motivate their target audience to buy online.

Almost unlimited use

The list is almost endless when you consider the potential use of AI ​​in commerce and e-commerce, noted Gilad. It can be anything from ranking issues like recommendations to customizing searches and merchandise. It also helps traders with things like optimization, modeling, and visual modeling.

What’s really important to AI is its ability to empower retailers, small businesses, and corporations to compete with the world’s Amazons, Gilad said. E-star giants like Amazon and Walmart have almost infinite technological resources that help them become even more competitive.

AI is democratizing it by providing other marketers with the latest technology that helps them compete. Most retailers, even the big brands, don’t have Amazon tech armies.

New apps for e-commerce AI

According to Jehan Hamedi, CEO and founder of Vizit, artificial intelligence can drive image optimization and visual branding that enable retail e-commerce. His company uses its AI platform to turn retailers’ image-based design and content into a tool that attracts and transforms customers.

The main new use of AI ​​in e-commerce is AI-driven analytics and understanding more complex data and consumer behavior. These tools are starting to appear in retail e-commerce, he said.

Personal Sales Coaching

According to Hamedi, AI can be a powerful weapon to compete for victories in the store or on the digital shelf. AI insights show you exactly what you need to do to sell more products.

With so many products and digital images available to customers today, collecting meaningful data will take a lot of money and more time than someone would spend in traditional surveys and focus groups to get enough information, Hamedi said. Without the help of technologies like artificial intelligence, this is an impossible task.

Better than AI-based speech devices

Hamedi sees AI’s biggest hurdle in business as a lack of awareness and understanding of using data to facilitate decision-making. It’s just new and different.

The visual performance of your company’s brand is more important than anything else to e-commerce experts in 2021 and beyond.

Content is king

The biggest opportunity for retail AI is in content. According to Hamedi, the content and image selections you see on the product detail pages of the world’s largest and most advanced companies are largely based on bias and subjective decisions.

In this environment, the image is the first moment of truth and the door to reflection. To improve the mobile shopping experience, both brands and retailers need to invest and think differently about their CX in e-commerce.

Retailers shouldn’t just view a product page with basic product information and an image. It should be an impressive experience with the visual brand that needs tweaking for best performance.

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