Top 5 Social Media Tools, Brands are using to succeed

Lucky for us, there are some great social media tools on the market to help you succeed in your role and stay productive.

As marketers face an ever-growing list of responsibilities. From social media marketing to customer experience and advertising, it can be difficult to keep up to date.

Tools to collect, discover, plan, publish, analyze and much more content can be used to increase its effectiveness.

Let’s dive!

The 5 best social media tools to try

Here are some social media tools most used by some of the world’s leading brands:

1. BuzzSumo

Prices: Plans start at $ 79 / month


BuzzSumo is a tool that helps you find the most shared content and trend influencers. You can use it to analyze what content works best on any topic and all you need to do to get started is to research a topic or domain.

Through BuzzSumo, all of you can gain a better understanding of your social media impact and develop smarter content strategies to see which of your pages are most engaged. BuzzSumo shares the results on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit.

It offers the added advantage of being able to see which articles are doing well on the internet without constantly monitoring various social channels.

2. Google Trends

Prices: Free


Google Trends is a completely free tool created by Google to help anyone search for topics online.

Brands use it to keep track of important things that are happening around the world. Many professionals use it as a way to discover and share information about what is most popular at the moment.

You can also use Google Trends to track keywords to see if they are trending and compare their current volume with previous months and years. You can then use this information to inform your content and social media marketing strategy.

3. Buffer Publish

Price: Free (paid plans start at $ 15 / month)


Buffer is a set of branding tools designed to make it easier for companies and marketing teams to schedule their publications on social networks, analyze performance and manage all their accounts in one place.

For example, Buffer Publish allows you to create a schedule for your social media profiles, and after you add the content to the buffer line, it will be published at the times you specify.

In addition to our web app, we also have apps for Android and iOS and a great Chrome extension that is ideal for buffering when browsing the web or on the go.

4. Canva

Price: Free (Canva for Work from $ 12.95 / month)


Another great tool that absolutely all brands or online businesses should know about is Canva.

Often, social media managers and marketers need to be able to create beautiful images without a designer. It’s part of an excellent social media strategy.

Canva is the tool that many marketers rely on to create images quickly on social media. You can use ready-made templates, icons, and illustrations to make your images look professional, without doing much of the actual design work.

Canva has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface and an extensive library with more than two million images.

5. Unsplash

Prices: Free


One of our favorite tools in the design, photography, and video space is Unsplash. Unsplash is a huge library of free professional photos that you can use for free!

Unsplash photos are rated highly by many social media marketers because they can give your content a professional and sophisticated look.

And there are so many Unsplash collections to explore. We recommend that you find some creators who really like your photos and follow them so that you can always find their latest work.

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