Top 8 Motion Graphics Trends


Animation and motion graphics are powerful tools and creative advertising and marketing. They will continue to grow a variety of commercials and shape a whole new way to present their products and services in the modern digital space.

Easily visible motion graphics in-app animation to full-featured ads, moving graphics penetrates marketing in all industries and business types. Even organizations that were expected to look more traditional inject a dose of creativity into them, reflected in inspiring animated videos and other fun movement designs. Animation trends mean good taste. Therefore, many companies are engaged in a new wave of marketing styles.

Animation is sensitive to global design and technology trends and will continue to develop rapidly this year. In this article, we describe the ten most fantastic trends in animation and motion graphics that will use their power and influence in business design this year.

1. Mixing 2D and 3D

Mixing 2D and 3D is often combined in this year’s videos as well. Many motion designer animations confuse them by saying that they add a special feel to a video and make it even more enjoyable for customers. The most common example of this trend is the integration of 2D and 3D animation and the addition of 2D covers with movement.

2. Kinetic typography

Artists are afraid to experiment with fonts, as the likelihood of reduced readability is high. Although they will face new challenges in typography in 2022, they are breaking traditional rules and producing surprisingly great results.

Kinetic typography seems to claim to go beyond traditional typography and encourage characters to be stretched, twisted, and distorted. In animated videos, mobile applications with kinetic typography and e-commerce websites attract more brand attention, make it memorable, and demonstrate high performance.

3. Animated logos

In the fight for a bright and memorable online presence, companies are trying to incorporate animation into a variety of branded materials. Animated logos have already become one of the most important trends in shaping brand identity.

Moving graphics give life to static typography and icons, making the brand more attractive and dynamic for customers. Due to unexpected movements and twists, vivid logos are often associated with a brand’s tendency to innovate and offer something unique to its customers.

4. Thin lines

Lines have many features in videos, such as orienting, shaping, and more. Artists are now trying to draw thin lines to experiment as an original drawing, and it looks good.

The impact of linear art on animated videos has become one of the most fascinating trends of 2022. Many companies have already tried to reveal the power of this trend in their ads and explanatory videos.

5. Grain

A blade is a tool we use to add life to blurry images. This is a great way to add texture to vector images and also adds roughness.

Animated videos with a grainy effect stand out, among other things, and help brands deliver eye-catching images to their customers. This animation shows that the company stands for homemade quality and creativity.

6. Morphing

The concept of editing logos, images, and other things in videos is becoming increasingly popular due to fast and smooth transitions that attract the user’s brief attention.

7. Liquid Motion

Designers add a smooth shift to create the video, replacing a clean transition with more splash changes. It is gratifying to see the liquid transform into new forms.

8. Vertical animations

There are about 6 billion mobile phone users in the world. That number is only growing. This number of people with vertically inclined devices certainly affects how we perceive our media daily.

As a result, many companies and reputable animators have begun producing vertical content to make their presence felt on social media. It is observed that many brands will continue to jump to this effective trend in the coming years.


Given the trends and popularity of certain types of videos, a motion graphic designer should keep in mind that the choice of videos depends largely on the nature of your video. For example, if you sell medical supplements, you can’t add rock music to your introduction just because there’s a trend in the market.

There is a good chance that the above animation trends will be useful for most businesses that need motion graphics animation.

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