Why do CX and Conversational AI go Hand in Hand?

What makes a great customer experience?

Let’s start by understanding what CX means. The company interacts with the customer at multiple touchpoints. CX is the sum of how the customer feels about your brand “while” and “after” interacting with you. As soon as it enters its ecosystem (online or offline), it starts to make its judgment. CX is not just limited to existing customers, but also potential customers. Every interaction gives your brand the ability to build or destroy what the customer thinks of you. Remember, one bad experience can ruin ten good experiences!

So what makes a good CX? Here are some points to consider:

Know your audience

This is the most important part of your CX strategy. It’s important that you know who your customers are. How they act, what moves them, what bothers them: you have to know everything. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Customer behavior is dynamic in nature. As a CX professional, you need to take a closer look at how customers are evolving and what your business can do to meet changing needs. The combination of data analytics and behavioral economics helps you discover the CX strategy your business needs.

The evolutionary role of AL and ML in the CX strategy

Last year, customers welcomed the digital venture with open arms and became tech-savvy. As this trend continues to grow, companies will need to focus on redefining what CX means to them.

How conversational AI helps improve the customer experience

Companies from different sectors have already used the stock exchange. CXOs are responsible for providing the best-in-class customer experience and overseeing the entire customer lifecycle. Let’s take a look at how AI adds value to a CXO:

Cost reduction

Conversation AI solutions have different applications. One of the most common use cases is dealing with customer service requests. Unlike standard AI wizards, a chatbot can resolve issues faster and more efficiently, be available 24/7, and speak to your customers in their preferred language. A chatbot created to handle large-scale queries will always result in cost savings.

Employee and Customer Involvement

Employees are the greatest asset of all companies. Happy employees = happy customers. Conversational AI solutions can streamline many HR processes and engage employees. This helps to increase employee satisfaction and, in turn, has a positive effect on CX.

What are the results of using a good CX?

There are many benefits to an Ace CX strategy. Different industries are concerned with different criteria. Overall, a solid conversational AI solution can help you reduce customer support costs by automating inquiries and increasing revenue through conversational trading. This not only helps improve support and the shopping experience but also reduces operating costs. Let’s see how these things translate into results:

Main benefits

A recent study claims that 70% of the shopping experience is based on how the customer feels treated. Therefore, the customer experience is the main focus of all companies. As more and more organizations follow the digital path, this focus becomes even stronger. Companies need to broaden their definition of CX. It’s not just limited to the interaction with the customer, but also how the customer feels about your brand. A well-thought-out CX strategy is intertwined with the intersection of data, customer behavior, marketing, and empathy. Artificial intelligence and machine learning have created unprecedented space for companies to improve communication with customers. Now is the time for brands to integrate technology and psychology to take CX to the next level.

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