A Test Center Of Excellence For Localization – Functional Testing


The client is a leading ISV offering creative solutions in Test Center digital media – from video editing applications to digital marketing solutions. The Client is a pioneer in content creation through their editing and illustration software.


QA InfoTech’s engagement with the Client has been a long-fostered one, over 14 years, and amidst this span, there have been an array of projects wherein QA InfoTech has leveraged its localization-functional testing expertise to enable timely and quality releases of the Client software across varied international markets. What started with just 3 onsite engineers with the Client, has grown into a robust engagement on over 55- 60 projects (active and inactive, depending on their cycles) with over 100 offshore and onsite engineers, today.


The Client initially faced the challenge of expanding their reach to localized audiences and providing digital media solutions in native languages – with them being primarily based in the US and other English-dominant markets.

Our long-hauled relationship helped create a cohesive and coherent Test Center of Excellence (TCoE) for the Client, wherein certain key factors have played a dominant role in delivering efficiencies of scale and nurturing this engagement, whilst both entities benefitted from such a collaboration.

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