Automating Using Flash Application

The Automating Using Flash Application spark of things promises to bring more wealth to its creation. Thus, from a visual test, some problems need to be addressed because search engines do not support the use of portable devices. The conversation here is an exemplary study of the first steps we took for one of our Flash Application clients through lighting.


Our staff is a world leader in the field of E-learning. The company offers high-quality content, personalized services, and digital solutions that are guided in a way to accelerate learners ’learning and transform learning.

Their main goal is ‘Involvement’, which means working with teachers, in the classroom and beyond, to ensure effective product development, project solutions, and selected services.


We wanted to make a setup that had a lot of repetitive tasks that required more than six hours of QA testing. The problem with this module has gradually grown. Developers use torches to improve their site and connectivity, but many test problems such as a Selenium network driver (often used in an open-source automation test) are unreadable. or validate actions on objects.

Two big questions need to be answered if you are going to use a bright medium – * Highlight an established item – where you want to find the item and upload it with your name.


We typically use a selenium web driver as an open-source tool to create HTML page content. If this module is running in lightning and the selenium browser cannot see the content, we need a tool that can empty the page itself. Soap is our newly selected ingredient and we mix it with selenium. The device is a dedicated photographic device that works and displays image evidence – even if self-esteem isn’t the best solution, it contains selenium, which defines our need for experimental testing.

Customer Service:

In response, we requested the same equipment, and execution times were reduced to less than two hours.

One is satisfied with the result because it helped reduce test time, cost, bring the test to E2E, but most of all, bring things to the database. Computers cannot do without a market response.

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