Case Study on Worksoft Automation


The client is an American multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery stores globally.


We leveraged Worksoft Certify to automate the end-to-end process across all the modules of the project. The idea was to automate end-to-end business processes that can be used for regression testing whenever new enhancements or requirements were implemented in different stores. Some salient features and uses of the tool with respect to the project are mentioned below:

  • The project required regression testing several times because of new enhancements – Worksoft Certify helped in minimizing the time and resources required to test changes in the SAP application
  • Tool was also used in creating the master data required for testing for the different regression cycles v Business process execution quality improved
  • Tests were immediately run in Worksoft execution manager
  • We were able to cover 85% of the business processes through Worksoft Certify because of its compatibility with SAP and web applications
  • Project also covered some functionalities related to mobile device testing. Worksoft does not support the mobile application but was able to integrate Selenium to do regression on mobiles apps
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