Mobile Automation for Giant E-Learning Giant

The Mobile Automation for e-learning segment is growing and companies are trying to adapt their products to stay up to date with the latest technology. Our customers ’needs are the same in these capabilities, so they are switching to Mobile Automation to help customers provide a better user experience. To do this, the patient comes to us to use the method of finding services. Read on to understand our great advisors and feedback.


Having a global presence, the company is one of the world’s leading technology and education companies in K-12, higher education, and professionalism. The client also serves students, employees, the education department, and the library as they aim to educate the library and sell to employees around the world.


Abroad and abroad

Problem/consequence of work

QA InfoTech has translated to staff to show testing needs on its website. Therefore, the service provider detects the traffic limits and applies the tool to the stored devices when notified by the browser. Problems include false reports, votes, piano, and books, dragging photos and videos, and more. Car Inspection.


QA InfoTech helps the client design and create a complete test to do and do the independent tests. Because the customer is faced with some problems through misuse of technology, different communication methods, and so on. The Appium was eventually selected as the best mobile phone. With a flexible device that offers extensive support, Appium integrates well with CI and CD tools such as Jenkins, Git, etc., and supports real-time tools. In simulators.

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