Up-gradation of MS SQL Network Databases

Company profile

The client is India’s largest satellite service provider, providing a full range of broadband network technologies, solutions, and services to businesses and governments, including managed services to meet all communication challenges.


Workload: MS SQL Server 2000


  • The customer had to update their outdated MS SQL Server 2000.
  • Critical data security issues
  • No high availability and disaster recovery agreements
  • High performance and reliability network  issues


  • Upgrade from SQL Server 2000 to 2012.
  • Configure replication between SQL Server databases.
  • Scheduler Automation via MS SQL Integration Services
  • Monitoring of SSIS records that perform bidirectional data synchronization between SAP databases and Management Information & Data Access System (MIDAS).
  • Maintenance and monitoring of more than 200 activities performed for data processing and supported by stored procedures.


  • Achieve high availability of your IT servers
  • High performance and reliability with 24 × 7 monitoring
  • Databases are synchronized and secured.
  • Disaster recovery and backup
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