Using Service Layer Test Automation Approach


The client is the leading publisher in Test Automation United States, focusing primarily on transferring content to digital media. They are constantly innovating their solutions with research-based content, tools, and service libraries to enable learning and discovery.

The company is best known for its full-text and newspaper databases, as well as online databases available from other schools and libraries, as well as many references, works, particularly in the fields of art, religion, history, and social sciences.


The client contacted QA InfoTech and asked if, as an independent quality partner, we could help them resolve some of their biggest pains and challenges: –

• They are looking for a complete solution to deal with UI-level test cases, which often fail even though they use a very popular automation framework.

• The cost of maintaining test automation is another major concern they want us to address

• Because they do not have good experience with project delivery delays, they want our help to speed up the quality assurance response process so that project releases are not delayed due to quality assurance activities.


We analyzed the situation and found that most of the challenges they faced were due to test automation at the user interface. We recommend reviewing this technology again and performing automation at the service level. This approach makes test cases stronger because it eliminates their reliance on interface changes and also reduces the maintenance of the test package. These tests allow the quality team to test services independently without waiting for the UI to deploy, helping to provide faster feedback and detect failures early in the cycle.

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