Clubhouse for Android Not Far Away As Company Confirms Beta Rollout

Clubhouse, the only audio-based chat platform for iOS that seemed to be in fashion a few months ago, is finally testing an Android version of the app.

The team behind the club previously talked about developing an Android app, but so far we haven’t had much information. Now we know that the beta is coming.

The confirmation comes from the club’s team, who confirmed on a blog how they launched a “raw” beta for Android. They also said that the full version has not yet been released, but we cannot just wait for the app to start immediately.

They released a statement on the availability of Android: “We look forward to welcoming more Android users to the club in the coming weeks.”

This could mean that the club could finally come to Android this month or early June. However, it also raises the question of whether the club will have the same traction as the iOS version.

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In turn, the iOS version of the application improves VoiceOver accessibility support. This makes it easy to know who is speaking to VoiceOver users, and participants can use the “Magic touch” gesture (double-tap with two fingers) in the room at any time and the system will announce who is at the moment. The word is. The app also includes “better instructions for following your club” and “more plumbing for better discovery”.

Elsewhere, Twitter started launching “Spaces” for users with club-like features. Twitter Spaces is currently available for Android and iOS users, and Twitter is constantly improving this.

Facebook and Instagram also want to bring audio chats to their platforms. Sound rooms are added to the Facebook and Instagram apps as a clone of the clubhouse. Telegram is also in the mix. The popular WhatsApp alternative also recently introduced Voice Chat 2.0 and recently announced the arrival of group video calls next month.

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