Creators Are Making Bank Selling-Google Spreadsheets

Would you buy a spreadsheet?

Obviously, many people would do this… because they already have. Online creators make money by selling digital products made with spreadsheet services like Google Sheets and Airtable.

See Andrew Kamphey, who calls himself a “creator”. Kempsey told Mashable that he earned more than $ 40,000 last year from his spreadsheets, such as “100 Twitter templates on a Google spreadsheet”. His main recipe is Better Sheets, which teaches users how to better use Google Sheets (so they can also sell their spreadsheets).

Another manufacturer, Janel Loi, chose Notion, a workspace tool that allows users to create databases and wikis to build their product, Newsletter OS. Includes templates, spreadsheets, and more that allow creators to manage their own newsletters. In an interview with Mashable, Loi claimed to have made more than $ 35,000 with him since its launch in October 2020.

Many of these products are sold on Gumroad, a popular online marketplace for independent creators. The platform has found a niche mainly in the start-up community and the technology sector.

“We saw a lot of growth [in spreadsheets]!”. “Many people are excited about these code-free tools and, as they are essential to the job, there is a rapidly growing market for them.”

Dru Riley, who runs Trends.VC, a popular newsletter that follows the latest trends in the digital creative community, tells Mashable that he has also noticed an increase in companies using Google Sheets, Notion, and Airtable.

“Platforms cannot meet all the emerging needs for services, plug-ins, and models,” he tells me. And this is where these products come into play.

Many of these worksheets are information products, actually knowledge databases compiled on a specific topic. Some contain only links, facts, and figures. Others include templates that allow consumers to create and manage their own numbers for this business or project. All of these products are created by your spreadsheet specialists.

In April 2020, Kamphey had an idea: people would work more at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic and some may want to save extra time by not having to switch to side projects.

“Every project starts with Google Sheets. I wanted to help. I knew I could do that,” he continued.

Knowing the features of Google Sheets, she created Better Sheets, which includes videos and templates that allow users to create designs in Google Sheets. It also comes with a new product, Only Sheets, which helps manufacturers prevent standard users from accessing their spreadsheets.

The affordable price is a great attraction for these products. For example, users can sign up for a one-time fee of $ 49 for Better Sheets. (It also includes a full line of other Kamphey Google Sheets products.) Loi’s newsletter operating system also costs $ 49 for lifetime access.

Spreadsheets are also on platforms that do not require additional payments. Google pages are free. Both Notion and Airtable, a platform that offers more powerful spreadsheet creation and database functionality, offer free plans.

Xavier Coiffard is described as “IndieHacker” and sells products made at Airtable. One of the spreadsheets, “Spread the World”, is a list of hundreds of links where users can promote their startup. It sells for $ 49 at Gumroad. He says his Airtable spreadsheets, along with a Notion product he created for entrepreneurs, have generated more than $ 9,000 in revenue in the past five months.

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