Do You Have More Twitter Followers? You Can Use Twitter Spaces Now.

Twitter spaces will be launched for many more users on Monday.

In an ad on its blog, Twitter revealed that any user with 600 or more Twitter followers can host Twitter Space starting today.

Twitter Spaces is an audio chat feature that started testing the social media platform last year. The feature is being introduced slowly and randomly to an increasing number of users.

Spaces are very similar to Clubhouse, the social audio network for guests. However, there are some differences. For example, instead of existing as a stand-alone service, Spaces is integrated with Twitter.

After receiving access to space, you can do this – a user can hold the tweet button on the mobile app and click on the blue-purple button at the bottom to open space. The currently active spaces are displayed along with Fleets at the top of the application. Please note that the Spaces feature is currently only for users of the Twitter application.

In addition to expanding the launch of Spaces, Twitter received a few other announcements fueling future features for Twitter Spaces.

According to Twitter, users will be able to sell tickets to events that will take place at Spaces in the coming months. Users can also schedule chats in advance with Spaces and set reminders to notify followers when Space is about to be launched. Twitter also plans to make spaces more accessible with real-time captions.

Co-presentation features for Spaces are also in development. From now on, when the guest leaves a room, the specific conversation ends. The following co-host feature allows Space to proceed, which can take control of a co-host.

Twitter said in March that it plans to open Spaces for everyone. Although the presentation of space is not yet open to everyone, it is still a large number of users who distribute it to more than 600 followers. As always, anyone can enter a current space to listen to or participate in an existing conversation about the space.

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