Android application Reverse technology

Want to perform security tests on Android? Why not go to the end and update the program again so that it will work? Here is a white paper that fully explains how engineers can cope.


Mechanical engineering is the process of obtaining the basic technology of a device, object, or program by studying its structure, function, and motion. It usually involves taking a particular object and analyzing the detailed actions that will be used to fix or try to create a new device or program to do the same without just using or copying data.

On the Subject

Android devices are built in Java and work for Dalvin browsers (java browser software designed for Android forms). Android devices are certified by the .ask extension, a device for storing and distributing Android apps. The APK file contains all the program rules such as (.deck file), tools, features, display file, and behavior. The interesting part about the app is that it only has a named database and APC installed. It is easily accessible by changing its extension from asking to zip.

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