Applications Transformation for the Digital Age

In the digital age, application services organizations are under tremendous pressure to respond quickly to market changes to transform business models and deliver business value while remaining competitive. The need to address market pressures has placed application services at the heart of any future business strategy.

Despite the growing application services ambitions of companies, most struggle to deliver effective business value. Traditional application service models are not equipped to meet the expectations of the digital age because they have limited adaptability to change, slow delivery speed, inefficient processes, and limited ability to drive innovation.

Application services priorities and objectives must be closely aligned with business objectives to deliver faster service to customers, enhance the customer experience, and improve products and services.

Application Services for the digital age require a fundamental shift between key principles that are the building blocks for evolution. This change requires application services organizations to be agile to enable business outcomes, to constantly evolve and innovate to adapt to changing business dynamics, orchestrate business-oriented services and increase cost-effectiveness, reduce and improve operational efficiency.

Successful transformation requires changes in various aspects related to organizational design, culture, processes, and technology. It includes fostering a product-centric mindset for innovation, embracing and deploying DevOps across the organization, applying intelligent automation throughout the application lifecycle, and modernizing the application portfolio to maximize operational value.

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