Assuring Data Security through Penetration Testing


The term lamp refers to a personality trait or dimension of difference or range of types. Data Security (usually “data”) is a measure and can form the basis of graphs, pictures, or objects that appear in different groups. Data are often considered Data Security spaces rather than information [1]. This knowledge is very important for us, and especially for organizations because knowledge and experience are essential so that we can do all the work properly. Important and valuable information is usually stored in this information. This information assists in making decisions and is widely used by organizations to obtain additional services or skills offered to competitors. Therefore, flight registers and registers are groups and safety is very important.

Technology is growing rapidly and the number of electronic devices has grown rapidly in recent years. The latest technologies, such as mobile phones, laptops, computers, networks, websites, and various websites, have added another step to the business perspective. The new strategy involves a variety of methods, such as mad people who intend to attack multiple areas. Fraud is easy to occur because the speed of new technology changes far from the speed of creating new security technologies. Websites and websites are the backbones of changing information and we see them in our daily use / in any field of life. In both organizations and different situations, we use a lot of emails, banking, and financial services, websites, shopping websites. It involves the exchange of vital information and data over the air and can be misused or misused.

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