Bots and AI driving digital engagement and service delivery

As part of its customer service strategy, a leading Australian city council has determined that many of its customer service processes and procedures are complex, deviate from its main objectives and that many manual processes need to be automated.

A large amount of information available about this LGA in a wide range of inheritance systems has led to many inaccuracies and user surveys. Knowledge was neither centralized nor easily located. These limitations represented a significant challenge for the customer service team and hampered their ability to resolve customer problems.

With the advent of digital platforms such as chatbots and smart digital assistants, the ability to develop a “ smart digital assistant ” has enabled your organization to easily find answers to frequently asked questions related to procedures, processes, business flows. Employment, policies, relevant legislation, available services, personnel, statistics, and event calendars to increase digital engagement.

The chatbot solution must provide a high-quality knowledge base to allow the organization to fine-tune its service offering and to allow customer experience managers to easily find answers to customer questions.

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