Into the era of secure remote work

Business opportunities and security risks associated with the rapid shift to remote work

It is something that many small and medium-sized businesses have achieved in a time of rapid change in everything: remote work Much is gained by distrust of physical opportunity. It can save money, reduce transportation costs and some research has found an increase in workload (one gained 13% four percent) increasing the workload of domestic workers). -Get workplaces are a permanent part of their business.

To be successful, this meat business transformation requires new structures and systems, especially for small businesses that are not accustomed to working remotely. No matter how big it is, all companies need to focus on remote storage and IT resources. Employees need to be more vigilant than ever. Cyberattackers have clearly shown that they do not take a vacation.

The problem with the two components of security: Volume and security

Like many other companies that are choosing to change everything, the first problem for your company is to see the performance of your remote employees trying to access their tools and data – or just search for a reliable internet connection.

Concluding with the first chapter is a safety question. Immediately it is the best in the world to bring your-your-machine (BYOD). All employees are away now, and they are more focused on success than on safety. They get the information they need even when they can; they often pass VPNs to provide years of service or take hotspots whenever they can – confirm or not. These actions — can lead to dangerous events over which you have no control, such as personal software downloaders.

With anyone using any cell phone – personal phones, home computers, even children’s tablets (happening!) – the situation is very dangerous. Some bad clicks can quickly start an attack that can damage your entire business.

Due to the limited capabilities of traditional firewall and VPN solutions to protect against these remote threats, companies need new security systems, state-of-the-art technology, and new technologies to protect their equipment. And the good news is that you can build on existing systems to get there.

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