ISR System Engineering and Development

Fathom 4 brings significant Marine Corps technical and operational experience that we can apply to any ISR System Engineering effort, delivering cost savings for the customer and improved designs and functionality for the fighter.

Some practical applications include concurrent efforts to provide systems construction for the Marine Corps’ next generation of unattended ground sensors while maintaining and enhancing existing currently field-monitored ground sensor systems.

This ensures that the customer can provide effective and secure systems and continue to provide the functionality to the current generation combatant while planning, designing, and building the next generation of functions that will provide our Marines with the latest technologies and advanced capabilities.

During this process, the Fathom 4 team balances budget and scheduling constraints with field functions to plan the most effective course of action, with the greatest likelihood of operational success for the hunter and transfers it to our customers.

Software development

Develop code in multiple languages ​​in an Agile development environment Track Trouble Reports (TRs) and bugs related to continuous development and field applications Help generate hardware requirements and select the next generation of hardware with ISR System Engineering.

Software integration

Fix bugs and issues between different applications to provide the warrior with a stable software base. Ensure custom JIT applications interface with existing required COTS applications.

Ensure proper configuration management processes are implemented and maintained concerning all newly developed baselines and applications. Fixes issues related to multiple applications and multiple hardware items

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