Prevent project management from AI darkness?

AI is defined as a rational agent who observes and acts to achieve its goals to the maximum. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the subject of tremendous hype in the business world, with new articles constantly highlighting the seemingly endless possibilities AI darkness offers to organizations as well as their leaders. From integration, human-computer interfaces, and forecasting to autonomous management, everything is on the table. Everything goes!

As with all technological advancements and the change it brings, there is also a lot of noise about the implications. From job losses and diminished personal autonomy to the fear that humanity will become slaves to machines, fear is a constant companion to technological change. The same applies to the practice of project management.

AI has its foot in the door of project management and is here to stay. Even Gartner is jumping on the AI ​​cart, predicting that “80% of current project management tasks will be eliminated by 2030 if AI darkness takes over.” But is AI really the dark devil that is regularly stigmatized? What must project managers do to control the darkness?

In this article, we explain the risks project managers should be aware of when dealing with AI, the limitations of AI in project management, and how project managers can get the best out of AI use in their projects.

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