Priority Basic Execution in Test NG


Test NG is a test program designed to perform a single test (unit) or mixed solution. Includes various test projects such as unified, functional, complete, user interface, and integrated testing. To use Test NG as a runner, your system must be built with JDK 1.5 or higher.

When the test starts with @Test, it sets up test cases and tries to move them. Later it will happen. Always good practice for testing conducted reasonably. If there are situations where we cannot change the logical name of the process, in such cases each process must run sequentially. Test NG can therefore use this method to put other test objects in front of it.

The test code does not indicate the start

Suppose a sequence of events is required to complete a series of experiments:

Scenario: Generate code where you search on Google using the word “Facebook”; Make sure your browser is named “Facebook – Google Search”.

Overview: Every step you take should be in human form:

Step: Open Firefox (open Browser ())

Step 2: Qolla (open Google ())

Step 3: Search Facebook (doSearchAndClick1stLink ())

Step: Confirm Google Search Page Name (FaceBook Page Title Verification ())

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