SpaceChain – Community-based Space Platform

SpaceChain has created a solution-oriented platform to meet the greatest human challenges. With the increasing complexity and difficulty of global challenges, we must use distributed intelligence to find comprehensive and viable solutions. It offers an open-source problem-solving model that optimizes collective intelligence. SpaceChain identifies conditions that encourage the community of its users, contributors, and developers to strengthen the ecosystem.


SpaceChain seeks to provide solutions that allow humanity to thrive in the coming space age. By combining blockchain technology with today’s astronautic resources and capabilities, it is inspiring people to become an integral part of the space revolution through its community and network built to help advance the advancement of space technologies as a collective and unified whole promote.

IT is a community-based open space platform powered by collaboration and transparency through the implementation of blockchain technology. Upholding the principles of true decentralization and international collaboration within a vibrant global community leverages the dynamics of signs and private funding to accelerate space development.

Founded in 2017, it completed the development of the SpaceChain operating system. Its OS has been successfully adapted for the Sparc V8 satellite operating system and has achieved stable operation at the system level.

SpaceChain OS integrates Qtum blockchain technology and has established a platform for developing space-based applications. In February 2018, it released and launched its first SpaceChain OS blockchain node in space. Harnessing the power of tokenization, private funding, and leadership, it provides an open-source platform for innovators around the world to provide the ability to select and execute projects that fit the blockchain-based philosophy. To accelerate the development of space.

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