The 7 Keys of pain-free ERP Implementation.

Whether you’re upgrading from an outdated system or starting to automate from scratch, choosing and using the right ERP solution is something organizations must do the right way. An ERP permeates the entire enterprise and becomes the foundation for future growth and profitability. After dozens of ERP implementations, here are InfoTech’s seven keys to getting the right ERP selection and implementation: 1. Get Immediate Support Without solid executive support, an ERP project is more expensive, finishes later, and doesn’t all the expected benefits.

Executive support on an ERP implementation is key to project success. In emerging markets, we often find corporate cultures where public communication is put to the test. In these cases, we’ve seen ERP projects run without all top executives onboard fully supporting the project, which affects its success.

Executive support is not just approval and willingness to be involved in escalations. Management support requires ongoing commitment at the executive level and deep commitment. This only happens when top managers realize that an ERP implementation is not an IT project. With the implementation, the way the entire organization works changes forever. It affects everyone. It directly and immediately impacts productivity and usually decreases before continuously increasing until the project benefits are realized. As the project owner, you must promote the project until full executive support is gained. In our experience, there is a direct correlation between the degree of CEO involvement and the degree of project success in an ERP implementation.

Open and honest communication is key to getting the support you need from the right managers. It is important to communicate the importance of the project’s role in the organization and achieve key financial and business benchmarks. When a conflict between departments arises and your manager needs to act, it’s helpful to update the basics. Ensure consistent and honest updates and integrate this communication into the project’s corporate governance with the CEO as a required participant in the weekly meetings

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