The need for Green IT in the computer world

There is no doubt that Green IT and data have become an integral part of our daily lives. As we continue to benefit and benefit from what they offer, our most important thing is to replicate green IT – to provide a safe environment for our next generations. Globalization. Powerful and powerful tools that IT needs.


The last decade has seen tremendous growth in the field of information technology. It is slowly affecting millions of users in many ways and also increasing the need for hardware resources. In today’s sense, the computer system has become indispensable in our daily lives. The growing demand for machinery brings hazardous substances to the environment from landfills to the manufacture of these products, to the manufacture of hazardous materials in computer products, to finished products after use, and so on. Pa. Examples and lessons for community computer security. This includes the design, manufacture, use, disposal of equipment, computers, and communication materials of high quality and low environmental impact.

A green IT system enables the creation of skills through both efficiency gains and strong performance. The main goal of Green IT is to reduce the use of hazardous materials and heavy energy use in production and promote the development of products that no longer work with Western manufacturers.


Due to the emergence of computer technology and the increasing use of equipment, the use of hazardous materials in the industry is increasing day by day. The use and production of CO2 increases through the efficient use of emissions. In addition, the immoral removal of life, logic, and systems is a major problem in our community.

Some Facts

• Greenhouse gas emissions from IT are estimated at 2-2.5% of land – the same as aircraft

• 30-60% of the electricity used in the workplace is wasted

• 35% of large companies in Europe are considering and pushing IT towards a green agenda

The IT systems of many organizations use green computer programs to reduce the depletion of their IT resources on the web. Organizations representing a serious accountability problem have urged it to encourage employees to help customers build and use a green image.

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