Video in business report

Video in business plays a very important role. In recent years we have seen significant changes in marketing, sales, and customer service by using video in business. Companies are now working on a large scale by digitizing processes and automating communication.

While these technologies have delivered incredible efficiency, they have also fallen victim to their own success. It’s easier than ever for businesses to access and communicate data about potential customers through automated email, social media, digital ads, and even phone calls.

People are now inundated with dozens of impersonal brand messages and sales pitches, making them impervious to traditional marketing and sales tactics. As a result, email responses continue to decline, people increasingly turn their phones to voicemail, and ad blocking ensures that web users see fewer popups than ever before.

The public expects more…and less according to the Digital ERA

During this time, the audience’s behavior continues to evolve and adapt. Tolerance for irrelevant and impersonal content is at rock bottom (ignore, unsubscribe, next …), while expectations around brand experiences are at a high level (educate, inspire and entertain).

The audience is looking for ephemeral content that is clear, recognizable, and authentic during the early stages of a shopping trip, forming longer content that is educational, video in business, and reliable when making purchasing decisions.

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