WiFi hacking through drones

Executive Summary:

Sailors were built to support military operations. The new design and adaptation make the drone technology efficient and effective. Cybersecurity threats, where data security is important, are approaching cyber threats, drone attacks that threaten Wi-Fi trust.

This white box shows the person affected by the entire quad/drone full improvement and acceptance, creating internal flaws and tools on the website and entering their Wi-Fi, thus entering their line to increase the attack.

The drone is Wi-Fi fraud

The following demonstration shows that an attacker is carrying out and carrying out an entire network of cyber-attacks against a man captured by a quadcopter/drone, creating malicious logs and mechanical equipment. Websites and hacking through your wife, it means online hacking into your network to attack again. . .

Used tools

DJI Phantom 3 Quadcopter | Raspberry Pi 3 | AWUSO36NH alpha network adapter Computers Rock Box and Kali Linux 4G smartphones

The appearance of the drone

Raspberry Pi and Kali Linux were installed in the stadium. The alpha network adapter connects to the Raspberry Pi USB port and connects to the drone housing. HAT batteries are used to provide a 5V, 2A power supply to the Raspberry Pi.

Install the computer

The computer running the Kali Linux operating system was the first device to attack it.

Designing a home network

4G mobile phones and high-speed internet have created an online learning network through their covered area, allowing RaspberryPi and laptops to connect to their covered area.

Check out the Raspberry Pi

The Putty tool is used to establish SSH connections between the Raspberry Pi (drone) and the laptop. This R-Pi method is painful


Some phone attacks are common. WiFi Companies without access to their network are leaving the door open for hackers and hackers who want to stay away from them for easy access. Scammers like to use security threats to steal sensitive information from spreaders and spread malicious information. Criminals are also expected to cheat on Wi-Fi networks that are not allowed to steal the network. WiFi Attacks can be very costly.

Simply, an attacker can download an email address from a smartphone and use it on a tablet or laptop. The hunter carefully observes the expressions of the individual.

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